Technical Details

This machine is suitable for making heavy duty bags from roll to roll with  LLDPE, LDPE, MLDPE, HDPE, EVA, CPP, OPP, PP, PE and PA materials. *

Thickness of the film can be welded:

Minimum 40 microns (2x20-  Double layers Tubular form),

Maximum 1000 microns (2x500-Tubular form or  4x250-Gusseted tubing form) *

The length of the film can be processed:

Minimum 5cm (50mm)

Maximum 9999,9cm(999999mm)

PLC controlled operation control panel

TFT screen with touchpad

Single unwinder

Cardboard bobbin winding system

Three independent rezistance wires(heater) can use independently for making a weld and controlled by digital impulse control system

1. heater  -    2. heater  -    3. heater 

1. and 2. heaters  

1. and 3. heaters

2. and 3. heaters

Only Perforation is possible without welding

Only Transfering is possible without measurement

Maximum 1000 mm diameter of bobbin can be loaded on unwinder

Maximum 500 mm diameter of bobbin can be loaded on winder bobbin

Edge control system

Optionally; Color photocell can be affixed for printed products

Servo motor speed control drivers

Output digital counter (mm measurement)

Alarm for resistance wire breake

Emergency auto-stop system with reflective photocell

Optionally; Static electricity receiver bar

Automatic bobbin loading system for unwinder.

Banana Rollers For Properly Wrapping.

Automatic winding system for winder

Air blowing system for jaw.

Power Consumption;  During working time it is between 2,0 - 2,5 kW

Total power; 3P 380V+N+MP, 11,85 kW, 50Hz

Total air supply; 6-8 bar

* Welding quality and production speed can be changeable depending on the micron thickness of the product and the quality of the material to be processed.